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Irene Haines, EHCF Advisory Council Chairman


It’s been said that we live in “a magical place” where a historic shipbuilding village nestles along the massive tidal river that defines New England and travels out to the sea.  And as you explore the uplands, you find amazing forests, streams and waterfalls, a plethora of flora and fauna, abundant farmlands and small pockets of commerce dappling the landscape.  The bucolic surroundings my husband and I were so lucky to find 26 years ago has become our home and we’ve raised a family here.  And like so many others who have found this magical place, we have come to realize its most endearing quality is its people and their industriousness.  East Haddam is full of ingenious ideas and people who bring them to fruition. 


Over the years, I have joined them in the quest to make this town a better place.  I started as a girl scout leader, helped in the schools as my daughters grew, and helped the business community with the original Taste of East Haddam.  I joined forces with other business leaders and created a town newspaper and brought back a time-honored tradition of Twelve Doors and the Village Stroll which has now morphed into our Village Tree Lighting. I have always strived to bring the people of East Haddam an improved sense of place and belonging.


However, a stumbling block has risen during these initiatives.  Resources are limited and shoestring budgets sometimes limit the efforts or even squash those terrific ideas.  Hence, the East Haddam Community Foundation (EHCF) has been created.  If an interesting idea or initiative bubbles up to the surface and a group has interest to enrich our community, resources can be sought to offer seed money and fuel the “can do” quality of the people of East Haddam.  My hope is the EHCF will live on in our riverside village and beyond for generations to come to spur on the creative initiatives.  My father always used to say to me, “If you set your mind to it, you can make it happen.”  He was right and now the EHCF will help others along the way!


I would like to send my heartfelt gratitude to Christina, Tim and Mathilda Burke, Lou and Lucy Salicrup, Brian and Maureen Goff, and my husband Steven for believing in this mission.  Thank you to those who are willing to serve on our first and all future Boards of Directors as we build the Foundation that will carry on forever.  Let’s do this!



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